Electric Car Batteries

Obviously the single most important aspect of running your electric car is your batteries. Without good batteries, then your electric car is pretty much useless.

All electric car conversion kits cover various aspects of sourcing and maintaining batteries.   They can be your single biggest cost in an electric car conversion, particularly if you choose new batteries.

There are a number of places you can source cheap second hand batteries.  My electric conversion conversion guide mentions various options including sourcing old golf cart batteries.  Golf cart batteries are what’s known as deep-cycle lead-acid batteries.  This type of battery is designed to deliver a consistent voltage as the battery discharges.   This is why it is most suitable for electric cars and is the main type of battery used to convert to and electric car.

I was able to source some golf cart batteries from my local golf course, but I wasn’t able to obtain enough to complete the conversion (I ended up using 15 batteries in total), so I found that a great place to buy golf cart batteries from is http://www.motors.ebay.com/

On the ebay Motors home page, just type in golf cart battery, golf cart batteries or electric car batteries into the search field, hit the search button and you’ll find plenty of cheap deals on batteries that will save you an absolute fortune.

Golf cart battery guideOne thing that I found really useful was the electric golf cart battery guide.

This guide has some great information on maintaining and extending the life of your golf cart batteries.

This is really useful information to extend the life of batteries refreshes in your electric car.

If you hunt around, your EV conversion costs can be dramatically reduced.

One essential tool that I found was invaluable is to invest in a hydrometer, like the one pictured below.


Hydrometers don’t cost much and they are quick and easy to use.  They indicate the health of the battery by drawing a small amount of electrolyte into the tube and have a color indicator to show how strong the battery is.

I know a few electric car conversion kits don’t mention hydrometers, but make sure it is high on your list of items to maintain your electric car.

2 thoughts on “Electric Car Batteries

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  2. Chris

    I’m pretty surprised that I am learning so much from your blog. Such fresh material to my eyes, it’s very nice. Electric car conversion kits are very interesting to say the least. The potential benefit (money saving!) is just great, and it takes very little to actually break into the electric car realm by just converting your gas powered car into an electric car. I’m actually quite surprised that it is so inexpensive all things considered. In just a matter of weeks you will likely notice the benefits of converting from gas to electric. Obviously, getting the right batteries and other proper equipment is necessary; and I would not recommend for people to go cheap just because something is cheap. In this case, expensive can translate into future savings. That said, even “expensive” isn’t too bad.

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